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2 years and counting


Today, Jared and I have been married for 2 years. For some of you 2 years sounds like nothing, and for others, you are probably thinking, where has the time gone. Well, our lives have changed drastically over the past 2 years. We got married (we had a BEAUTIFUL wedding), bought a house, got a dog (he is the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen), I graduated college, I got a teaching position (WHOOO), and Jared got accepted into the PhD program at Wash U (I have never been more proud!!). Holy Cow! Not to mention getting used to being married and living together. It is hard to get into the groove of things of who does what, and how to work as a team. Marriage is hard, and for anyone that tells you otherwise is lying. It is also wonderful, all at the same time. But, I will say I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am more in love with Jared today, than I was on our wedding day, and I didn’t know that that was possible.  He is my world, my strength, my everything. I don’t know where I would be, if I didn’t have him in my life. We have had our ups and downs, but these past 2 years have been amazing. I am looking forward to the future with him; Watching him graduate with his PhD, having beautiful babies, and whatever else the future holds for us, I am so excited. I love you Jared.


Drumroll please…we have a new mailbox


Jared and I had a good weekend. Busy but good. We got a new mailbox. 🙂 It is very pretty. But, it was the biggest hassle to put in. (not that I put it in, but I felt sorry for Jared and my dad) We first went to Lowe’s, picked out a very basic post and box. We got back home, Jared had to dig up the cement that held our old box in. The cement went 3 feet down. So, it took a while to get it out. Once that was out, Jared got the post out, and it wouldn’t work. 😦 Jared went back to Lowe’s, and got the post that I really wanted but, couldn’t justify spending the money on. (he is so sweet) He got back home, put that together, opened up the actual mailbox, guess what? We were missing a piece. So, Jared drove back to Lowe’s got another box.  Needless to say, we probably spent the same amount on gas, as our mailbox…lol. Anyway, he and my dad got it up and it looks so nice. Well, now that you have read my boring story about installing the mailbox…here is a picture of it!

It was starting to get dark out when I took the picture.

Also, coming up on Tuesday it is Jared and my 2nd anniversary. Jared has wanted for us to get bikes for a year or so. He constantly makes comments about wanting to go bike riding. So, for our anniversary, I got us bikes. I gave them to him yesterday, and we went riding today. All I have to say is that we are both out of shape. We were so tired, it was ridiculous. But, we made it, and are going again tomorrow. Here is a picture of us after our very tiring bike excursion.

We look really gross…lol.

Hit and Run…5 inches?…


Two days ago, Jared woke up, let Domino outside, and noticed a little problem in our front yard. This problem was, our mailbox was in pieces, and a few tire marks in our yard. Someone had driven down our street, ran through our neighbors yard (across the street), came across the street, hit our mailbox, and hit our trashcan. This someone was our neighbor. Well, not really our neighbor. Our neighbor’s sister who has been living with her. Anyway, she parks her car really close to where our trashcan is. (like 5 inches) So, it was very obvious by the tire tracks and the scratches on her front bumper that she was the culprit. So, Jared very nicely walked next door, knocked on the door, and showed our neighbor what had obviously happened, and asked that she replace our mailbox. (sounds reasonable right?) She said that she would talk to her sister. Okay, sounds good.

Well, a couple days has gone by, and we haven’t heard anything. So, Jared very nicely went back to their house and ask them what was going on about the situation. The lady is VERY rude to Jared and told him that she did NOT hit our mailbox, and she wouldn’t replace it. Jared asked her about the marks on her car and other obvious evidence. (giving her a chance to admit it) She said that those marks had always been there. Jared held his temper, and came back home. (I was very proud that he handled it so well)

It really bothers me that there was no way that we could hold her accountable. I totally understand that people make mistakes. If I hit someones mailbox, I would be very very embarrassed, but I would own up to it. If I didn’t my conscience would eat me alive.

So, here is my question. Did we handle this the right way? What would you do? Maybe I am just being naive but, I just figured we wouldn’t need to call the police about something so minor. I figured as civilized people that we could just handle this as friendly neighbors.



Oh, how I love youtube. I spend incredibly way too much time playing on this site. However, I wanted to share some of my favorite clips that I watch over and over again.

Laura, Jenna, and Andy showed me this video, and I watch it at least once a day. It makes me giggle

I fear that this is me one day…:)

How cute is this?

Thankful Thursday


1. Air conditioning!-Today it was incredibly hot. I was outside getting ready for my yard sale tomorrow and I was drenched in sweat. Thank God we can go inside and cool off!!

2.  Job- Even though it sounds weird. I am really excited for school to start. I am excited to meet my kids, and feel like I know what I am doing this year. You truly don’t know what you are doing as a teacher until you are the actual teacher. Student teaching doesn’t prepare you for anything. Well, it didn’t prepare me, but I am SOOO excited to teach this year!

3. Flip flops-I love that I am able to slip on my shoes in 5 seconds right before I walk out the door. I hate when it it winter and I have to wear socks.

4. My kitchen-After I organized it this week, I have been on a cooking spree. Having a clean organized kitchen has inspired me to cook new things, and harder things that normally I wouldn’t cook!

5. TBS and TNT-They seriously play every movie that I have ever liked over and over again. Jared doesn’t understand how I can watch the same move 372 times, but I can. And I love it even more everytime I see it!