Monthly Archives: October 2008

It’s been 2 months!


So, it has been over 2 months since I last blogged. Since that time a lot has happened! I started school. I originally had 3 students. Well, since then, I have gained 2 more, and had lets just say I’ve had one million assistants. I know some people are not cut out to assist students with austim. But, then again, it is super hard for my kids to have so much unstructure!! Anyway, it has been about 2 weeks and my newest assistant is WONDERFUL!! This must have been what God had been planning. She is my age, worked with students with autism before, takes direction well, and picks up on things so fast! I LOVE HER!! I mean seriously love her! So, now school is going great! 🙂

Jared has also started school! That’s right, my husband is going back to school to get his PhD. I am so proud of him! Considering how high strung he is, it is doing well. (I love you Jared, and mean that in the sweetest way possible!) So, now 3 years and 9 months to go, and he will be Dr. Hartsock. (don’t tell him, but I’m not calling him that)

Since it is also Thursday, I am going to do thankful Thursday as well.

1. Flat Shoes-Yes, I have tried to wear heals to school. But, with all of the rolling around, and on the floor business I do, it isn’t practical, as cute as they are. So, I have 5 billion pairs of flats now!

2. Friends- I have been a terrible friend lately. I haven’t called any of them in a long time. But, I know that once I do, they will take me back, even if I have neglected them!

3. Teaching-I got my review back from when my principal observed me! Let’s just say I couldn’t be happier. 🙂 Sometimes, I think that I am not doing things right, but secretly I know that I am. I guess I just needed a little reminder. Thanks for it Mrs. Sheary!

4. Internet- I have been sitting here at Parent/Teacher Conferences since 1:00, it is now almost 8. I have had my 2 appointments, made TONS of lesson plans, and now just plain bored. So, thank you for the internet, otherwise, I would have been completely bored!

5. Fall-Although, I hate that it is getting closer to winter, I LOVE fall. I wish it wouldn’t get any colder than this. This would be perfect, because I can still wear sweaters, and sweatshirts. (I love hoodies, and would like to thank the person that invented them)

That is it, THE END of my rambling. Hope you enjoy my long overdue ramblings!!