Monthly Archives: June 2009


Why is it that pregnancy makes you completely nuts? I mean full out CRAZY! Yesterday, I got so mad at Jared for not putting his TV tray up, the second I asked him to do it. Then, I got mad when he took a bite of his food and didn’t wait for me. (I seriously took a bite 4 seconds later) Why does it make you so crazy? Earlier that day I had watched a video on YouTube about a couple who had a hard time getting pregnant. Normally it would have made me a little teary eyed. But, I bawled. I mean seriously, hard crying for 10 minutes. I could not get myself under control. It was ridiculous. I think the dog thought I was nuts. 🙂 I know that this is typical, but really, why does it have to happen. I felt so silly! 🙂

I’m what’s wrong with the world today?


Today started off really nice. I got ready, went to the credit union, went to The Cone Barn and got a yummy raspberry slush, ate Jimmy Johns for lunch, then headed to the grocery store.  I am just setting the tone here, do you get that I was having a good day, and in a good mood? 🙂 When I got the the grocery store, I got my cart and headed in. I was in the first aisle when I hear a lady say, “That’s what’s wrong with the world today…young girls getting pregnant.” (she was talking to her husband) I look around, and I am the only pregnant girl there. So, as most of you know, I have a hard time keeping my mouth closed when I am mad. So, I turn around, take a deep breath, and say “excuse me.” (I actually said that very nicely, and did keep my cool throughout the rest of this conversation. I was pretty proud of myself) Anyway, back to the story. Then I said, “Ma’am you do not know my situation, my husband and I planned this pregnancy, not that that is any of your concern. And second of all, what is wrong with the world today is people like you, who judge everyone.” Then I walked away. You should have seen her face, I think she was shocked that I said something to her. But, she didn’t say anything else to me. After that confrontation, I probably ran into her 8 more times…lol. Still, sitting here I can’t believe that she did that! I know that I look young. I am actually pretty proud of it. It really ticks me off that she would have the gall to say that outloud. Anyway, I just wanted to share my story with you all. I figured you would all get a kick out of it too!

I am not a good blogger


I have pretty much stunk at keeping this blog updated. I have been off work for the summer for 2 weeks. We have been to Texas for Jared’s cousin’s wedding. Everything was very nice and we had a very nice time!

Pregnancy wise I am doing great.  (knock on wood that I don’t jinx myself) I have entered the third trimester, which sounds insane. In just a few short months Baby Hartsock will arrive. 🙂 I went to the dr. on Monday. It was a very boring visit, which is great. When she checked the baby’s heartbeat she said, “Wow you have got an active one today.” Which was definitely the case, that day I swear the baby was doing somersaults, and I mean TONS of them.  I also got my gestational diabetes test that day. So, I should be getting the results back from that today. Lets hope and pray everything is alright.

We have been trying to get things together for the baby. We now just need the crib in the room and we will be set. (well, I guess we need the baby too!) It has been nice being home and getting things together.

Well, I am off. I am going swimming, since there is finally no rain today!!