Monthly Archives: October 2009

A few things that have happened in the last few weeks…


*Gabrielle is smiling, real smiles!!!!!!!!! It is the best thing ever!

*I had my 6 week follow up appt. I am only 3 lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight. Not that that was the best weight, but I will take it for now.

*I had my kidney follow up. (It has been 7 months) My other kidney is great, and I am still cancer free! God is amazing!

*I got a new phone. YAY! No more phone from 1999. Well, maybe not that old…but almost.

*We went to watch my brother in law get baptized, and we had a good day with the family!

*We have been to 3 bonfires. One with the guys (old men:)) that Jared bowls with, one with our Sunday School class, and one of my mom’s friends.

*We took Gabrielle to The Pumpkin Farm. She was so alert, and was looking around, like “where am I?” It was fun!

Here are some pictures to update my non-facebook readers…



Excited and Nervous


This weekend, Jared and I are going to Jacksonville. We are going to Illinois College, to go to their homecoming and Jared’s college class reunion. This will be the first “long” trip with Gabrielle. Here is where the title of my blog comes in. I have been thinking about all the things that we will need to take to make sure Gabrielle will “survive” this trip. Holy Cow! I should probably just pack up my house, and take it with me. I keep thinking, what if we need this, what if we need that. Then I tell myself, Danielle there is a Walmart in Jacksonville.. I can buy things if I need them. Not to mention my brother in law and sister in law live there. But, when we go to the reunion, Brian and Kate will be watching her. I need to make sure that they have everything that they need. (ok breathe, Danielle) I am sure that it will be fine, but a mom can worry can’t she?  But, now for the other part of my blog. I am really excited! It is going to be nice to get out of the house and mingle with adults, and walk around. Can you tell that I am getting a little bored in my house? Well, thanks for reading my craziness. Wish me luck!

Gabrielle is 1 month old


I can’t believe the my Elle Bell is one month old already!! Where has the time gone. The last month I was pregnant seemed to creep by, but once she is was born, it flies by. Jared and I were talking about all the things that she can do now, and it is amazing. She has more control of her head, she can make eye contact (I LOVE this!!!), track things with eyes, and move her head from side to side when she is on her tummy. She has changed so much, it is crazy. I feel like she will be in kindergarten tomorrow…*sigh* Here are a couple of  pictures of my beauty.


I am….


tired of hearing about Jon and Kate! Seriously, stop publicly humilating yourself!!

loving that my baby sleeps not a lot during the day, and 5-6 hours at night.

wishing that it was still summer…

loving watching Gabrielle sleep, and make funny noises. It makes my whole day.

not wanting to do my laundry. I hate it…SERIOUSLY HATE IT!

spending too much time on the computer.

loving my life!!



I really, really want a Pepsi Humdinger from Hit n Run. However, thinking about loading Gabrielle in the carseat, getting her in the car, driving to Bethalto, driving home, then getting her out of the car, doesn’t seem worth it for a 99 cent soda. What do you think? I don’t know…I may be doing it.

Oh, and I changed my blog name if you noticed. As I was typing a blog (that I didn’t end up publishing), I thought to myself, I really should be folding laundry instead of blogging. So, that is how I got the name. I think it is clever. However, most things that I find clever usually aren’t…lol.