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Elle’s 1st Christmas


I can’t believe her first Christmas has gone and passed. It seems like yesterday that I couldn’t wait for it, but now it’s over. We spent time with The Hartsock’s, Dial’s, Cooper’s, and Brazier’s. It was very nice. I love spending time with family!  Some family members got to meet Gabrielle who hadn’t. It was just great. Here are some pictures…

The Hartsock's Christmas 2009

Grandma talking to me

Christmas Morning

Mom and Gabrielle

Grandma making me laugh


Dear Santa,


Dear Santa,

I would first like to state that I haven’t asked for a lot for the past years…so you may owe me. I’m just saying. 🙂 I have been pretty good, if I do say so myself. After all, I did bring the most beautiful baby into the world this year!

These are the things that I would really like for this next year. First, I would like for Gabrielle to sleep a full night. Yes, that is right a full night. I know that may be difficult, but this is the thing I want the most. Wait, scratch that. I would like MANY full nights. Next, I would like a new kitchen floor, counter, and sink. No, my lime green and yellow 70’s linoleum is not in style. Hence, I said it was from the 70’s. I also would like for my husband not to be stressed. He is going to school and working. Right now it would make both our lives easier and save on a lot of arguments! 🙂 So, if you could make that happen, that would be greatly appreciated. What would also make my life a little easier would be a personal laundry service. If you have been looking in on us, you know that laundry is NOT our forte. Speaking of that I have a pile in my room I need to get started…*sigh*.  And lastly, I would like for Jared to quadruple his salary so I can stay at home with my  baby girl. This is actually the one that I want most. I know this one will be impossible, but a girl can dream can’t she? Lol. Thanks, Santa. I appreciate anything you can do!


Reasons Why I Love You!


Reasons why I love Jared:

1. He loves me unconditionally, even though I can be bossy, controlling, and outspoken.

2. He loves our daughter the same way.

3. He wants everything to be perfect (this could also be on a “reasons Jared makes me crazy” blog.

4. He thinks he’s funny…shhhh don’t tell him, but I think he is too.

5. He cleans our house…enough said.

6. He is hardworking.

7. He is working and going to school so Elle and I can have a better life.

8. He knows everything about me, and loves me anyway.

9. He is my first love. I fell in love with him when I was 14, and love him more and more everyday!

10. He helped me bring the most beautiful baby I have ever seen into the world!!

There are many more reasons why I love him, I just don’t have time to write them all down. Baby Girl is crying.

And they weren’t even hot


Conversation I had with Jared tonight…

Me: I never liked Tiger Woods, I’ve always thought he was cocky.

Jared: Yeah, he’s arrogant.

Me: To think he had 10 different mistresses. That is gross.

Jared: He had 10?

Me: I don’t know, I may have made that up. But, he just had another baby with his wife. That is just gross. What people don’t realize is when you cheat on your wife, you cheat on your kids too.

Jared: Exactly! *long pause* And they weren’t even hot.

Me: *sigh* Yeah, like that’s the point.

Jared: I know…but, they weren’t.

What is it with guys? Lol.

Down and Out


Ok, I am miserable. Very miserable! On Tuesday I started to get a little sniffly. I didn’t think too much about it, because I thought it was my allergies. Boy, was I wrong. What started out as the sniffles has turned out into a full blown head cold! I think this is the worst cold I have ever had. What probably makes it worse, is that I can’t take anything, since I am breastfeeding. I have gone through 2 boxes of tissues and I’m working on my 3rd. Jared has been sick too. But, not the same way I am sick…that is all I’m saying.  Although, he is feeling a little better. So far Gabrielle hasn’t caught any of our sickness (Thank God!!). I am not ready for her first cold.  Since, I have been laying around the house all week, you can imagine how my house looks. Okay, maybe you can’t, because it is bad. Really, really bad!!!! We started to do Christmas decorations last weekend. Since we didn’t finish, I thought I would be able to finish them this week. Hahahaha. Gabrielle is getting her 3 month pictures done at our house, so we have a lot of work to do. Good thing I am married to a neat freak. Otherwise, we may never get this house in order.