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Oh, thank goodness it’s Friday! I have had a busy week, with work, meetings, Jared starting school, baby, stress, oh and the list could go on… I am so excited to have 2 days off to rejuvenate and spend time with my girl and hubby. Although we do have a busy weekend. Today, is my mom and dad’s bday! Yes, they both have the same bday! (Happy Birthday, Mom and Dad!) It is pretty cool. So, we are going out to eat with them tonight. Can’t wait for Tony’s Pepperloin! YUM! Then, tomorrow we are going over to St. Louis to get a few things, and then out to eat with some friends. (Can you tell our life revolves around food?…lol) Sunday, we will go to church and then get to relax that afternoon. Even though our lives are busy, on the weekend at least it is with family. 🙂 Hope everyone has a happy Friday and a great weekend!!




As my husband sits here and watches The Saints and Vikings play, I don’t get football. I mean, I understand the rules, but I don’t get the hype. I know all you football fans out there are gasping as you are reading this, but I don’t get it. Football does nothing for me. I like watching sports, and I can tolerate all of them, except football. Bleck. I would rather watch golf than football (yes, I just said that). I love watching baseball.  I am sure there are people out there that feel the same way about baseball. But, at least baseball players look sexy in the uniforms. 🙂 The shoulder pads, helmet, and football pants (is there a specific name for these?), are not at all attractive. Oh, well.  Sorry, blog readers that are football fans, I just don’t like it…

Big Nose


My last two posts really, make me look like I’m high on myself…lol. I am giving myself compliments for giving birth and working. 🙂 I promise that I’m not that conceded. But, here is just a funny post. I was looking at pictures of when I was pregnant, and I noticed something big…. My nose and lips got huge. Okay,  maybe not huge, but noticeably different. I will let you take a look for yourself…

Pregnant Face

Non Pregnant Face

Ok, maybe you can’t tell in these pictures (or maybe you can) Either way, I know my nose got big! I know that everything gets bigger when your pregnant, but I just feel like my nose blew up like a balloon… 🙂

Working Mom


As you all know I am back to work. I miss my girl everyday, but I really do enjoy working. I forgot how much I love my job!! But, being a working mom isn’t easy.  I am totally exhausted when I get home. I mean the kind of exhausted you are, when you can’t lift your head off of the couch. I am just lucky Gabrielle takes a short nap when I get home, that way I can too. Gabrielle was sleeping through the night, but decided to change that, now that mommy is back to work. I am now up 4-5 times a night with her. Then I go to work and work hard with my kiddos all day. Then I come home, do my best to put away some laundry or try to do one thing productive in our house. I cook dinner and then get my girl to bed. (Jared does help me quite a bit in there) Boy, am I tired.  This weekend has been nice, though. I love 3 day weekends! I have been able to catch up on some much needed rest. I can’t imagine how tired I’ll be, when I have more than one kid, and they are in sports or other activities Whew! If you are a working mom or dad, give yourself a pat on the back! You deserve it!

In My Opinion…


I know that people have babies everyday. Actually, on average 216,ooo babies are born everyday. (just  some random trivia for you…lol) But, in my opinion EVERY single one of those mothers deserves a medal and their names should be entered into a Hall of Fame. Yes, I’m serious. Any woman who has ever been pregnant, been in labor, and given birth is a hero! When I had Gabrielle, I felt like I deserved a gold medal. 🙂 Remember I had her completely natural (yes, I am bragging…lol). Besides that, your body is NEVER the same after a baby, trust me I have the beautiful stretch marks to prove it. You develop things that you never thought you’d have, you have weight that may not ever come back off, and you are just never the same as you were before you had your beautiful baby! To all the moms reading this, I have given you a gold medal, and you’re name has been written in the Mommy Hall of Fame, because you deserve it!

Don’t Touch My Baby


Last weekend I went with my mom to Josephine’s. Yum. While we were there Gabrielle was the hit of a few tables. She was being rude and staring (lol) at all the tables. Of course everyone was talking back to her. She was being good. Well, then suddenly the unexpected happened. I had her standing on the table, so her head was a little above mine. Then, the lady at the table behind me, touched her face!, and started talking to her. I very calmly put her down close to me. Then the lady left and I whipped out the wipes and wiped her face off. My question is, why do people think it is completely acceptable to touch a strangers  baby? Hello, you have germs! I don’t know you! You don’t know me or my baby! Please don’t touch her! Why is that hard to understand. Does Gabrielle have a sign on her that says, “Please touch me?” She should have a sign on her that says, “DON’T touch me, or you will face the wrath of my momma!” I think I may kill the next stranger that touches my girl!

Oh Boy…


Back to work…*sigh*. Not that I don ‘t miss my kids at school, because I do! I just don’t want to leave my baby. Granted my mother and mother-in-law will be watching her, so I know that she will be more than ok. But, this is going to be difficult. I got everything ready tonight. If any of you out there know my fear about packing (if you don’t know it, let’s just say I get really nervous about packing, because I think I’ll forget something, so I SEVERELY overpack), you know how long it took. To get out of the house in the morning I need to have: carseat with baby in it (obviously), diaper bag, breast pump bag, lunch, teaching bag, bag that has everything that the grandma’s will need for the next few months, Bumbo, Boppy, and purse.  I am probably forgetting something. Lord, help me.

Funny Story- Jared just gave Gabrielle a bath, and he is getting her dressed right now. He always talks to her about something random. Tonight he is lecturing her about how she needs to make sure she finds her clothes on clearance, because Daddy is cheap. He didn’t actually tell her that he was cheap, but that is why he is telling her. 🙂