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A Little Rant…


I have a quick little rant…Here it goes: I know that everyone has different views on politics. I can respect that. It takes all kinds of people to  make this world go ’round. However, if you can’t be respectful of other people’s views then you need to keep your opinions to yourselves. My motto on politics is, “We can agree, to disagree,” that is why most of the time I don’t discuss them. It is ok, not to agree with someone. But, it is not ok to be completely obnoxious and rude to them, because they do not share your views. I know that my views on politics, are way different than a lot of people’s, and that is alright with me. I don’t go around bashing what I don’t agree with, so I think everyone else should do the same.


State of Illinois, You Disapoint Me!


Well, as you all know the State of Illinois is broke. They are so broke they aren’t even paying our schools. Our schools! Our kids! Our future! What are they thinking?!?! Our Pre-K is cut. Some people don’t seem concerned about this. They are looking at it like it is free babysitting. That is sad, because Pre-K is so much more than that! I read today about 19,000 teachers/staff are losing their jobs. Guess what? You are still going to have to pay those people unemployment, so why not just pay the schools.  This topic really gets me fired up, so I won’t go too much into detail. Grrr. Now, I just heard on the news that now 460 state policemen are losing their jobs. Good job, Illinois. Get rid of our teachers who teach our children and our policemen who protect us. But, let’s build another bridge that connects Illinois and Missouri. Don’t we have a few of those already?

Weird Kid


I spoke too soon. Remember when I said I didn’t think I’d ever have trouble feeding Elle? Insert foot in mouth. The past week  we have tried green beans and sweet potatoes. Let me tell you, that she is not a fan of either one. I spent my evening on Sunday, pureeing a lot of sweet potatoes and green beans, all for nothing. (not for nothing, we are going to keep trying them) First, she HATED the green beans. When I say hated, I meant completely and utterly despised them! You should have seen the look she gave me. A few days later I tried the sweet potatoes. Not a fan of those either. She just spits them out and looks at me like, “you’ve got to be kidding, mom.” We’ve been trying them off and on this week with no success. So, tonight I went back and fed her some avocado. She inhaled it. The moment she swallowed it, her mouth went wide open like a little bird. When the avocado was gone, she cried and threw her fists on the table. She actually threw a mini fit, because the avocado was gone! I couldn’t believe my eyes. 🙂 I mean what kid likes avocado and not sweet potatoes? I get the green beans, but the sweet potatoes? Weird.

Also this week  I took her to the doctor. My chubby girl weighs 18 lbs 1 oz and is 27 3/4 inches tall. The doctor told me that I could start some small table food with her (i.e those puffs, Cheerios, small pieces of bread). So, I bought some puffs (the ones that dissolve in the baby’s mouths). I found some banana, apple, and green puffs. The green ones have spinach, kale, and collard greens in them. So, yesterday I gave Elle a banana one. When I put it in her mouth, she gave the same look as when I put green beans in her mouth.  Then today, I tried the green ones. Guess who loved them? Yes, that is right. My daughter would rather have collard green and spinach,  than banana!  I have a weird kid!

It’s Official


Today it is official. I have been cancer free for a full year! One year ago today, I had my right kidney removed when I was pregnant with Gabrielle. As I reflected today, I thought I would share my experience with you about what happened a year ago today.

I can honestly tell you that I don’t remember the drive to the hospital. I remember parking the car. But, I don’t remember the talk that Jared and I had. I imagine that it was probably silent, or we said a lot of I love yous. After we parked the car, we walked in. I remember walking into the waiting room. I remember everyone getting to the hospital with me. I remember thinking, look like you have it together, Danielle. I was trying to be the strong one. Trying to look like I wasn’t worried, or scared, or to put it better completely terrified.

I then remember the nurse calling my name. We went up the elevator and sat down in a room. I got my gown on, and waited there.  In the mean time, my family was taking turns coming upstairs to see me. This was really hard. Every time I hugged a family member, I thought, maybe that would be the last time I would see them. I mean, I was having surgery. Even though I had a TERRIFIC doctor, bad things can happen during surgery. As family came in and out, I remember meeting with the anesthesiologist. He was a very nice man, but I remember thinking, oh he has to be a character. Him and his thick Drew Carey glasses.  He answered all Jared and my questions.  Then the nurse came in to give me my IV. Now, I have had IV’s before. But, this was a VERY painful one. The way she shoved that needle in my vain, hurt bad!

When it was just about time, I remember Kimberly and Pastor Dan praying with me. They asked to keep the baby and me safe. They asked for guidance of the doctor’s hands, and to give my family some comfort.

This is where the writing gets difficult. Thinking about what came next, I get the same feeling that I had a year ago. They checked the baby’s heartbeat. I thought to myself, and prayed that that wouldn’t be the last time I would hear that beautiful sound. I remember when the nurse came and got me. I remember saying bye to Jared, I think I told him that I loved him 100 times. We were both crying hysterically. They wheeled me down to the operating room. The operating room is a scary place. It is cold and very uninviting (obviously).  I remember being so scared. I got on the operating table. They put whatever medicine was suppose to put me to sleep in my IV. They  told me to count down. I didn’t count. I prayed while I was crying. I prayed and prayed and prayed.  That had to be the scariest moment of my life.

When the surgery was over, I remember them wheeling me into the recovery room. I don’t do well with anestia. I know that some people come out of it, quickly. I don’t. I am groggy for a long time. I was crying. The nurse asked me what was wrong, and the only thing I could manage to say, was “pain.” I was in excruciating pain! However, I remember the OB people coming down and saying, we are going to check for your baby’s heartbeat. I made myself wake up enough to hear for it. I was still crying at this point. First, the lady said, oop that is your heartbeat. And, I remember the exact words I thought in my head (I will apologize in advance, remember I was scared and delirious), I don’t want to hear my f’n heartbeat. I want to hear  my baby’s!!! Then, I heard it. I heard that fast, galloping horse heartbeat. She said 142. That was how fast it was beating. Ahhh relief! That moment I thanked God. I thanked him for keeping my baby and me safe!

Then my mom and Jared came in. I hurt so bad. It was terrible. I had never been in so much pain. I know Jared must love me, because I officially looked my worst. They then wheeled me upstairs to my room. Everyone came in and out to see me. But, I was still hurting so bad, I really didn’t notice, I was busy focusing on the pain.

The first night had to be the worst ever. Every 2 hours, I got a dose of morphine. Jared told me he knew exactly when it was time to get it. I would wake up, cry, and have him push the nurse button. They then would come in, put it in my IV. That stuff burns when it goes in. Jared said, I would say, “Ow, ow, it burns.” Then, in 2 seconds, I would be asleep.

The next morning was a little better. I was still in a lot of pain. But, it was more tolerable. They made me sit up, and start walking that day. That was an ordeal all in itself. It was awful, and painful. But, it got better.

Then after a couple of days, I got to go home!  The car ride home was the absolute worst. All the bumps, made it hurt just as bad as it did before. Plus, I was stiff from laying in bed, and that didn’t help. But, after a couple of days being at home. I felt really good. I could do just about everything. I even had an OB doctor’s appointment a week after. They were all shocked at how well I was walking and doing.

I can’t believe it has been a year! And what a wonderful year it has been! I thank God everyday, for my beautiful, healthy baby, and my health.  We have one awesome God!

Edit: I don’t know if you know this or not. But, part of the reason we named Gabrielle, was because it means woman of God. And, she definitely is!

My Guilty Pleasures


I was thinking about some things that I like. You know the kinds of things that most people don’t know about you. Some things are embarrassing, some are weird, and others are just things that most people don’t know. Here are my guilty pleasures:

1. Pacific Cooler Capri Suns- Yes, I buy these for myself when I go to the grocery store.  I am not really a juice person (if capri suns are even juice). I don’t like ANY other juice boxes or Capri Sun flavors. Just Pacific Cooler.

2. 16 and Pregnant and Teen Moms- Oh, this is one that I am embarrassed that I like. I LOVE watching this show. Most of the time it really ticks me off, because the boys and girls on this show are NOT ready for children. I would like to punch 99% of the boys and 50% of the girls on this show!  Most of them don’t take any responsibility. Then, there are times where things really surprise me.  If you watch it, I bet you’d get addicted too.

3. Dove milk chocolate with caramel- Does it get any better than Dove Chocolate?

4.Blackberry Wine- I’m not much of a drinker, but I love a glass of wine every so often. Blackberry Wine has got to be the best wine, ever.

3. Oh, how I love etsy. It is going to be the death of me, for sure. I wish I could buy everything on etsy.

4. Oprah- I have to get my Oprah fix everyday. I don’t always agree with her, but I think she does a lot of great things. 90% of the time I watch her, I cry.

5. Pedicures- I love that it is getting warm out. My feet have been hiding all winter long, and it is about that time to go and pamper them!
What are your guilty pleasures?

My First Controversial Blog


I typically don’t blog about politics, or anything that would cause people to get mad about what they read. I just like to blog about my life, and the things that happen in it. Well, today, I am going to blog about something controversial. But, it is something that is very near to my heart. It is about using the “r” word. The “r” word I am referring to, is retard. I hate when people say, “That’s retarded, or you’re so retarded.” Because, what you are initially saying is retarded is a bad thing. Or, you are making fun of someone who is retarded. Obviously, it is not being used as a nice word. I will be honest, and say that I use to say this. But, once a friend told me a story that changed my mind:

A little girl (probably around 5) has a brother who is mentally retarded. She obviously loves her brother no matter what. One day she overheard someone call another peer retarded. She asked her dad what that meant. He told her, that that is what her little brother was. Her feelings were very hurt.

Now, if a 5 year old can tell, that it is not nice, then it can’t be good, right? Being mentally retarded is something, that no one can help.  In fact, I have met many people with mental retardation in my career and in my community that are retarded, and they are the nicest people that you have ever met. I feel that they are this way because they are non-judgmental. They love you no matter what you look like, how you act, or what you do. Now, I challenge you to do something. If you use this word in your daily lives, try and cut it out. Or at least, realize how often you say it. I think you will be surprised. When I started to not say the “r” word, I would say, “That’s ridiculous.” It is an easier transition. My mouth has been “r” word free for about 3 years. Can  you do it too?

Now, I hope that I haven’t hurt anyone’s feelings or made anyone mad. This subject was very much on my heart, and I needed to get it out. 🙂 – Change the conversation….

New Day, New Food….and a Big Development!


So, today we tried avocado. I put it in the food processor with a little water. I was a little nervous about her trying it. But, she liked it. She didn’t LOVE it, but she ate it with no fuss. I actually wish I would have saved me some, to make some guacamole! 🙂

And BREAKING NEWS: Gabrielle can sit up all by herself! She sat by herself for about 10 minutes the other day. So proud of my big girl!!