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For those of you that don’t know, I use cloth diapers on Gabrielle. I know that if you are hearing that for the first time you are thinking, “She’s crazy!” or if you already knew that you may think the same thing. However, I realized a long time ago I blogged about this. But, I haven’t updated you on our cloth diapering journey, or why we really chose to make the switch.  I couldn’t believe the amount of money we were spending weekly on diapers. It was insane! So, I googled cheap diapers. I got the link to the Walmart brand, Costco, Target, etc. I tried most of  these diapers, but it just seemed so expensive no matter what brand I chose. I remember complaining one day of facebook, and someone mentioned cloth. I remember thinking, NO WAY!  No diaper pins and plastic pants for me! But, it kind of stuck in the back of mind.

I started researching it about a month later. I realized that cloth diapers aren’t just plastic pants and pins! There are a TON of different options. I really was interested in pocket diapers. (I will show you a picture later) Then after more research and talking to two other friends that cloth diaper, I realized that Cotton Babies, a very popular cloth diapering store, was located in St. Louis.  Well, I planned a trip there, with my friend Abby (who also cloth diapers).  After the visit, I was sold. I knew that I was going to cloth diaper!

I get a lot of questions about the diapers when I am out. Here are a few comments:

1. Why do you cloth diaper? I first started to save money. I then realized all the environmental benefits. Did you know it takes about 250 years for one diaper to decompose.  An average baby uses 2,900 diapers in their lifetime. Think about how many dirty diapers are in landfills? Yuck. 🙂 I also came to find out that babies in cloth rarely get diaper rash, because there are no chemicals in the cloth, like there are in disposables.

2. How do you save money if you have to wash them? I spent $250 on my diapers (Did I mention the diapers I bought can be used from 5-35 lbs?). I probably spent that much in the 3 months on disposable diapers.  And, we haven’t even noticed an increase in our water bill. It is only an extra 3 or 4 small loads a week. Plus, I am using them on future babies!!

3. What do you do with the poop? You flush it. That’s it. If your baby is exclusively breastfed, you don’t have to do anything with it. I have had a few diapers where it has been a little gross, but it’s just poop. Plus if you are really bothered by it, there is a diaper sprayer that you can buy, and it is helpful.

4. Stranger: What kind of diapers are those? Me: Cloth. Stranger: Are you poor? I just smiled at her, and didn’t say anything. Aren’t people funny? Who asks a stranger if they are poor? lol.

Here are a couple of pictures of the diaper. You see the snaps on the diaper and the insert? It is adjustable to be able to fit babies birth through potty training!

The diaper and the insert that goes inside to absorb the pee and poop.

Putting the insert in the diaper

Then you put in on your baby like a disposable diaper! Easy! 🙂

Hope I didn’t bore you too much. 🙂


Baby Names


No, I’m not pregnant. Just thought I’d make that loud and clear. But, I love looking at the baby names in the paper or facebook or wherever. If I ever hear a name I like, I run it by Jared. Most of the time I get a HECK no. But, that really isn’t the point of my blog. The point of my blog is, WHAT DO PEOPLE THINK?!?  Now, I know that it is really none of my business. Plus, I don’t mind unique names. However, I think that there should be 3 requirements for naming your baby. 1. Don’t spell it where people can’t pronounce it. For example, I  saw a baby name in the paper that was Deliatierria. Say what? How do you pronounce that? Maybe Dela Tiara? I don’t know. There are way too many vowels in that name. 2. Please don’t name you baby after a food, alcoholic beverage, or car. Sorry, Tequila, Mercedes, Apple, Clementine, Cookie, and Chianiti. 3. Name your baby something you would like to be named, and think about school. If you think your child will be embarrassed by the kids at school, don’t do it! I could go on and on and come up with more rules. But, I probably should stop here. Sorry if I have offended anyone. 🙂

Gabrielle’s Favorite Foods


I thought I’d make a post about what Gabrielle is eating these days…well, I really should make a post about what she isn’t eating because that list would be a lot shorter. There is only 1 thing that she has tried recently and doesn’t like. That is cucumbers. Can you really blame the girl? Anyway, I wanted to tell you about my food lovin’ girl! Here is what she can’t get enough of.

Watermelon! This kid could eat a whole watermelon by herself. I am actually pretty excited about this. I love watermelon too,  but Jared does not (I know, who doesn’t like watermelon?) I never bought it because I could never eat a whole one.

Roast, Chicken, Steak, Hamburger, Turkey: This kid is a carnivore. She loves it. I swear that one night she ate more roast than Jared did.

Cottage Cheese: Yum! I love cottage cheese too. She eats with some avocados or tomatoes. I think her eyes brighten when she sees the container, because she knows what’s inside.

Blueberries: I am personally not a big fan. But, let me tell ya…my baby girl loves her some blueberries.

Broccoli: When I make broccoli for dinner, I usually mix in some carrots and cauliflower. Well, Gabrielle will pick out all the broccoli first. She loves it!

I am so glad that she is a good eater. When I was feeding her baby food, I wasn’t quite sure that eating was going to be easy. But, know she is my mini human garbage disposal, and I love her for it! 🙂

We are mobile, and biting


Well, after 10 long months of waiting 2 big things have happened to Miss Elle Bell. She got her first tooth a week or so ago. But, in just 2 weeks, she has 4 teeth! 4! She has been a trooper. The first tooth she was crabby, but hasn’t really been bothered by the last 3, which has been great. Now on to even bigger news. She can crawl! As excited as I am, I am nervous too. Now, she can chase Domino and now find all the fuzz on my carpet to eat. 🙂



We went on vacation! Last week we flew to Tybee Island, GA and met my family there. Yes, I did just say fly. We flew with our 10 month old. We really debated whether to drive or fly. Personally I wouldn’t want to ride in a car seat for 12+ hours, so I decided that flying would be easier. If we drove we would be taking tons of breaks, and I could just foresee how terrible it would be. That being said, I was TERRIFIED of flying with her. One, because I didn’t want to be one of those people who has a screaming baby on the plane that I can’t control. Two, I had to pack. I know I’ve stated before how much I hate to pack. But, I don’t think I can really describe to you how much I hate it (but, I am going to try).  The night  before we had to leave, you all would have loved to be a fly on the wall at our house. Jared is a neat freak, so he was busy trying to clean our house before we left. I am a freak about packing. So, I spent most of my night checking, double checking, triple checking, quadruple checking, and then got myself so nervous and my tummy so upset,  I spent most of my night in the bathroom. Yep, it was wonderful.But, I didn’t end up forgetting anything, which made me feel good. Gabrielle did do fantastic on the plane rides down and back. We got down to Tybee on the 4th of July. We spent our days on the beach, went to downtown Savannah, and shopped. It was a fantastic trip with my family. Here are some pictures:

Happy 4th of July!

We liked the water!

Playing at the house

Petting the horses