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Gabrielle’s 1st Year Photos


If you’d like to see Gabrielle’s 1st year photo sneak peak, go to Some of them are posted! And of course they are adorable!!


Rough Night


Last night Jared and I had a rough night. Here is what happened…

Jared is about to grill steak for dinner. Gabrielle and I went out to swing on our new swing set. We were swinging for a while and she was tired of being in her baby swing. I got her out, and sat on the regular swing with her in my lap. I didn’t know that Jared hadn’t attached the swing properly yet. Well needless to say, we swang up and then BAM, fell down. Gabrielle hit her head on a piece of wood on the way down. She started screaming bloody murder. We raced inside, called the doctor, and put ice on her head. After a million questions the doctor told us that she sounded ok, told us to wake her up every few hours, and if she had other symptoms later to call 911. She was ok, besides the nasty bruise on her forehead and her golf ball size goose egg on the back of her head. 😦 Fast forward to around 2 a.m. We wake her up, and then try to get her back to sleep (not an easy task). She was a little fussy, but I laid her down in hopes of her getting to sleep.  Well a few seconds later, she screamed bloody murder again! I go in her room and she is bloody! The poor baby hit her mouth against her crib slats and busted her lip open! When you see your baby hurt it makes you physically sick. We got the bleeding to stop and the poor baby back to sleep. But, this morning she looked like she had been in a boxing match. 😦 Poor baby girl. Good news is that today she could have cared less and was a happy girl!

Our Busy Life!


The Hartsock Household has been a busy one lately. Here is what we’ve been up to:

* Jared landscaped the backyard and it looks awesome!

*We are redoing our awning in the backyard. (I am not, Jared and his dad are). It is about a 1/4th of the way done. It is going to look so good.

* We got a swing set from our neighbor! It is so nice to have in our backyard, even though Gabrielle can only use a few things. She loves the swing and slide.

* Gabrielle has gotten 2 more teeth (that is 6 total!)

* I powerwashed the whole house last weekend, and the house looks so much better.

* Gabrielle got her 1 year pictures taken! I can’t even believe my baby almost one. It makes me sad, she is growing up so fast.

* School has started. It is going to be a great year!

*Most importantly!! Jared and I are going to be an uncle and aunt! Brian (Jared’s brother) and Kate are expecting a baby in late March! 🙂

4 Years!


On August 12, Jared and I will be married for 4 years. I can’t believe that it has been that long. So many things have happened in the past 4 years. When we got married, I couldn’t even drink alcohol. I was still in college, and had a part time job. Since we’ve been married, we became parents to the cutest dog, Domino, I have graduated, got a teaching job, Jared got accepted into the PhD audiology program at Wash U,  found out we were having a baby, found out I had cancer, had surgery to remove my kidney, had a beautiful healthy baby girl, and been we have been enjoying watching our baby girl grow up! It has been 4 years of some crazy ups and downs. But, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I am so excited to see what the future has in store for us. Hopefully we will get to have more beautiful babies, and watch them grow. I can’t wait!

Our Wedding Day

The day we became parents

Breastfeeding Awareness Month


This month is breastfeeding awareness month! I just wanted to share some awesome information about breastfeeding and why I chose to breastfeed Gabrielle. I also want to preface by saying that this is in no way to offend mother’s who do not breastfeed. I know that this is a touchy subject. Trust me, if you are on the Baby Center website, you have probably seen the really really nasty breastfeeding/formula debates! This is not what this is!

I will say that I am very passionate about breastfeeding. Ask anyone that has ever talked to me about it, and they will tell you. 🙂 Here are the reasons that I chose to breastfeed:

*It is awesome for babies! It can protect against allergies, different types of cancer, different infections, and all kinds of bad things! I always feel like it is my liquid gold.

*It is good for mommies too! It can help prevent breast and ovarian cancers, helps your uterus contract after you give birth, and can help prevent osteoporosis.

*It’s free!

*Once you and baby get the hang of it, it is awesome. I have loved every second of breastfeeding.

Now there are some breastfeeding things that are hard. The first few weeks you feel like the cow, with engorgement, and the possibility of your baby wanting to eat every hour. It is really hard at first. But, once you push through the first few weeks, it is great. (maybe it is easier with the second, since you know more of what you are doing) What makes me sad is that a lot of people give up breastfeeding or don’t try because the lack of support system. Sometimes nurses, lactation consultants, and doctors are not supportive. For example, when I was leaving the hospital the nurse asked me if I wanted some free formula. I very nicely declined. She gave me a look like, there is no way you are going to keep breastfeeding. She then proceeded to tell me that I should take it just in case I got tired of breastfeeding. Then she gave me a look like, “You stupid young girl, you have no idea what you are doing.” Long story short, I did end up taking the formula, but ended up giving it to someone that needed it. Shouldn’t the nurse be supportive that I could breastfeed, and get through the first few weeks that are exhausting? I know she has probably seen a lot of people stop breastfeeding. But, if I wanted to do it, shouldn’t she believe in me? Another thing is that people are given false information about breastfeeding, even from their lactation consultants (There are plenty of good lactation consultants out there)! If you really want to breastfeed, and don’t think you can, contact your local Le Leche League. They are very helpful, and know what they are talking about. If you think about it, we women have a pretty powerful gift. Go Boobies! 🙂

Walmart in Bullet Points


I visited Walmart the other night at 9:00 p.m. Here are a few of my observations:

* There is no need to take a freshly born baby to Walmart this late with your husband and two other small children. If you need something badly, make you hubby get it, or you go get it and have the hubby stay at home!

*I said a little prayer for the group of 14-15 year old boys in the condom aisle. If you have to giggle about being next to the condoms, I’m pretty sure you aren’t ready to use them.

* Dear woman with the screaming child, please take your poor baby home, she is really tired. (*side note* I know sometimes you really need something at night, but not a whole cart full) It is 10:00 at night, visit Walmart in the morning.

*Leggings should only be worn under certain items…

*There are decent people in the world. Thank you to the man that offered to help me put my two, 5 gallon water jugs in my car!