Monthly Archives: October 2010

An Update on the Hartsock’s


Even though I just “blogged” the other day, it wasn’t a true blog. I feel like I have been slacking with this. So, here is what has been going on in the Hartsock household lately.

I have had a cough for the past 2 weeks. It started off pretty tame, but the past 4 days has been a nightmare.  I haven’t slept well, and it has pretty much sucked to be completely honest. My chest hurts, my ribs hurt, and my abs hurt from coughing so much. 😦 Luckily, Jared and Elle have been able to avoid getting my nasty cough.

Gabrielle is walking. Not everywhere. She still prefers to crawl because it can get her there faster. But, once she gets a little more confidence there will be no stopping this girl! It is so fun to see her walking. She is so proud of herself when she gets somewhere she wants to be. Yesterday she walked everywhere.

Jared is crazy busy again. I hate when classes start for him. He is pulled in a million directions. He has to work full time, be a student full time, and be a dad and husband full time. I hate to see him stressed.

Jared gave the message at our church last week.  He did awesome. I was such a proud wife!

I think that is it. I will hopefully have more updates soon. 🙂


Fall is here, blah…


Fall is here. As excited as most people get about it, it doesn’t excite me. Sure I love apple picking and going to the pumpkin farm, but I just can’t help but feel down about it. I just know that in a couple more months winter will be in full gear, with it’s snow, ice, and extreme cold. So, I just feel blah, I wish someone would wake me up when it’s spring, because I LOVE spring!  Today it actually felt like fall. It was the first time it was really cool outside. I have tried to get more excited about it, since Gabrielle will be experiencing fall for the first time. I say the first time because this time last year, she was like a cute little blob. She did nothing but eat, sleep, and poop. But, this year she is mobile and loving to point at everything. I can feel that she is like a sponge soaking in everything we are saying to her. I want her to have good experiences and want her to love fall even though I don’t. This is something that as a mom I really feel a lot of pressure, as I am sure other moms do too. I want to give Gabrielle great experiences, and make her a very well rounded person. I want her to try most everything at least one time. I want her/us to have great traditions that she looks forward too. I want her to look at me when she is a teenager and think, “I want to be just like my mom.” I really feel guilty when I am not excited and perky about things, because even if I don’t like something it doesn’t mean Gabrielle can’t.  Really the point of this blog was to give me a little pep talk. So, suck it up Danielle, and start loving fall!