Monthly Archives: March 2011

A Few Observations/Revelations…


* I always feel like high school wasn’t that long ago…until you see a group of high school students…I hope I was never that annoying.

* I am not even close to being ready for Gabrielle to be a teenager. (see above comment)

* My raspberry ice creamer from the Cone Barn was awesome. I am so glad it is open!

*Honking is contagious. Especially in big cities. I was downtown once one person honked I swear 10 more cars chimed in. Plus, there really was no reason to honk in the first place.

* Gabrielle is way too much like her father. It is scary.

* Gabrielle loves to be outside. Loves it. It is her new favorite word. She’ll point to the door and say “outside.” When you tell her no, it isn’t pretty.

* The terrible 2’s have definitely started at my house.

* I have a new niece. Ava Marie was born on 3/20. She is beautiful.

* There is only 13 more weeks until my due date. CRAZY!

* I need a double stroller. Any moms out there recommend a good one?

* I am bad about updating this blog…