Monthly Archives: September 2011


A. age :: 26
B. bed size :: queen
C. chore you hate :: do I even need to answer that? Laundry, by far!!
D. dogs :: Domino
E. essential start to your day : Shower
F. favorite color :: green
G. gold or silver :: I like both!
H. height :: 5 ft. 8 in.
I. instruments you play :: I use to play piano, but nothing anymore
J. job title :: Mommy, Wife, Daughter, Sister, and Teacher
K. kids ::Gabrielle 2 years, Cooper 3 months


L. live :: Bethalto
M. maiden name :: Brazier
N. nicknames :: Sissy
O. overnight hospital stays :: Appendectomy, Right Nephrectomy, and giving birth to 2 beautiful babies
P. pet peeve :: When people don’t spell or pronounce words correctly
Q. quote :: “You were made to fill a purpose that only you can do.  So there can never be a more beautiful you” – Johnny Diaz song “Beautiful You”
R. righty or lefty :: right
S. siblings :: Jenna
T. time you wake up :: Whenever my babies wake up. But, it will be earlier when I have to go back to work. 😦
U. university attended :: SIUE-E-E
V. vegetables you dislike:  Not many, but don’t like brussel sprouts
W. what makes you run late :: my middle name is “late.” Danielle Late Hartsock. What doesn’t make me run late should be the question.
X. x-rays you’ve had :: my arm when I broke it, my ankle when I fell down the stairs…yes I am a klutz
Y. yummy food :: Mexican!
Z. zoo animal favorite :: Penguins

I’m back!


Hello there blog world. I’m back! We haven’t had the internet since we’ve moved. It was complete torture. But, we have it now, and I am making up for lost time. 🙂 We are now settled into our house. It is wonderful having all of the room we have. Jared thinks that it is awesome we can pick which bathroom we’d like to use. The kids are doing great. Gabrielle celebrated her 2nd birthday. She had so much fun. I can’t believe that little girl is 2. She is starting to talk big. She is using sentences, and really communicating what she wants. She has the girl drama down. She is a drama queen, for sure!

Birthday Girl!

Cooper is now 3 months old. Man I love that little boy. He smiles all the time, and sometimes we get a little giggle. We were having to go to physical therapy because he had a very tight muscle in his neck and wouldn’t turn his head that way. I am happy to say that he is completely back to normal! He is getting huge and time goes by way too fast!


I go back to work next Monday. I am trying not to dread it. I love being home with my kiddos. I can’t believe I have to be away from them. I know I will be fine and it will be nice to get into a routine.